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Creating the best gaming experience possible

At WolfPack we aim to provide you with the best gaming experience we can possibly provide.

Active Staff

Our staff team aims to be online as much as possible, when nobody is available on the server we’ll always reply and offer help on our Discord server.

Custom Mods

With years of experience in creating custom mods  we’re able to make some awesome mods like Glasswalls, Wooden foundations and many more!

Custom plugins

With years of experience in both Hurtworld and Oxide we’re able to provide you with the best plugins like CustomEvents, Kill Counter and many more!


They are the people working to provide you the best gaming experience.

Owner | Developer

With years of experience in server hosting, playing and developing, he still needs help from me (LUC.) with writing this text.  Most of the time he is developing plugins and mods. If you see him online, please watch out. We have a “don’t feed the developers” policy.


Owner | Admin

Once upon a time their was an old man named DeadMan. He started with a great ambition to make a fancy gaming community. After a while he started to forget things so merging his community (DHG) with WolfPack didn’t seem a bad idea after all. Only one quest he needed to complete; Writing this text. He requested help from the Lord almighty LUC. for doing that. Ofcourse the Lord almighty LUC. gave him the help he needed. And so this text is established. The end


Owner | Admin

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Founder | Retired

Don’t know what to write down here. Just trying to  give everyone a fun experience on our server. If i’m online there is a big chance of playing events! See you online!