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Welcome to WolfPack's TTT server!

We hope you enjoy your playtime here! We are a new GMod server, hoping to provide entertainment to as many users as we can! Please join our discord at if you have any questions, complaints, or suggestions (such as new maps/addons), as well as updates regarding the server. We are open to all ideas! 

Garry's Mod Rules

Good luck with these rules 🙂 CTRL+F will be very useful for this. We may also hyperlink them. Not sure yet! 


Table of Contents

I. Punishments

          a. RDM

                   1. Blatant RDM

                   2. Revenge RDM

                   3. Depraved Heart-RDM

                   4. RDM and leave

          b. T killing as a T

          c. Micspamming

          d. Ghosting

          e. Delaying/Camping

          f. False reporting

          g. Porn Sprays

          h. AFKing

          i. Cheating Death

          j. Propkilling as a spectator

          k. Trail Spamming

          l. Bug Exploitation

II. Game Calls

          A. KOSing

                   1a) KOSable actions

                   1b) Shooting

                   2) Traitor Baiting

                   3) Notable NON-KOSable actions

                   4) Being KOS’d

                   5) Removing KOSs

          B. Proven

          C. Overtime

          D. Cause

          E. Last Living Inno

          F. Miscellaneous

III. Last Round Games


  1. Punishments:


  1. RDM=Random death match: when you kill someone for reasons that are not on the KOS list and do not have enough cause to suspect they are a T. Things like “he looked at me”, “I felt like it”, and “lol fuk u fag”.


1 RDM= 1 slay*

2 RDM= 2 slay

3 RDM or more= a slay per RDM (or more) or a ban (up to perm, depending on the intention of the RDMer)


*Killing AFKs as an inno is RDMing and will be slain. THIS INCLUDES 1 CROWBAR HIT “JUST FOR LOLS”*(see Overtime below)

*Pushing AFKs off a cliff is also RDM. Pushing afks into a mousetrap is also RDM.

*Attempted RDM carries the same punishment as RDM.

*Repeated punishments for the same thing work additively. if you RDMx2 someone, got slain twice, and RDMx2’d later, you’re gonna get slain 4-5 times.


There are also other forms of RDM, such as:


  1. Blatant RDM is if you blatantly RDM someone on their T round (like walk up and Juan Deag them in the face at the start of the round when they’re afk), you may be slain an extra time at the discretion of the staff online. Same goes for blatantly RDMing a D. (except pao, fuck that guy, always rdm pao when you see him)


  1. Revenge RDM will always be an extra slay. Revenge RDM is when someone “takes justice into their own hands” and RDMs someone because that person wasn’t slain by the mods either because the mods haven’t gotten to the report yet, or because the mods found no fault with the person’s killing. It also encompasses any bullying aspect. If Ferg kills Nilz because “Nilz pissed me off” or “has a squeaker voice” then Ferg will get slain twice. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. THREATENING to revenge RDM can also be punished by 1-3 slays depending on the threat.


  1. Depraved-Heart RDM(from here): Doing actions that cause a hazard that kills people as an inno.

This includes:

-Arming (not planting or trying to diffuse) a C4. Whether it be for 10 minutes or 45 seconds.

-Charging and placing the axe in rooftops.

-Placing the mines in whitehouse.

-Placing explosive barrels in conspicuous places where people are likely to trigger them and explode.

-Placing a rock or barrels or things at the bottom of a place where people are most likely to fall to their deaths like on 67th way in the gun shop or at the basement of TTT_community_pool


Attempted DHRDM (Set the trap but didn’t kill anyone)= 1 slay

1-2 DHRDM= 1 slay

3-4 DHRDM= 2 slays

5+ DHRDM= 3 slays or more depending on the number. Generally 1 slay per 2 people who died to your hazard.


*If you are in a position where you are sure you are the Last Living Inno (see below) or are currently fleeing a T who you know is chasing you, you CAN set up traps to kill anyone you see.


  1. RDM and leave: When you leave after RDMing Slays double UP TO FOUR SLAYS. (depending, again, on the intention of the RDMer. If a completely new player to TTT joins and has no idea what’s happening, kills someone, gets killed, and leaves: I tend to only slay them 1 more extra time and leave a note about “pressing ‘f1’ and typing !motd to read our rules” when they return to get an idea of how the game is played) so:


1 RDM and leave= 1 additional slay on top of their current slay that they did not yet serve for a total of 2 slays.

2 RDM and leave= 1-2 extra slays for a total of 3-4

3 RDM and leave= 2-3 extra slays for a total of 5-6.

>3 RDM and leave= 4 extra Slays and a 3 day ban


Yes I know you’re the mod and you’ve already dealt with it. Still post any bans to the forum.


They killed 4? 4 extra slays. 3 day ban. (total of 8)

They killed 20 people? 4 extra slays, 3 day ban. (total of 24)


*When slaiyng for RDM and Leave. ALWAYS INCLUDE that leaving will garner more slays in the actual slay. So if Ferguson murders 2 people then DCs, type “!aslayid STEAM0:696960 4 RDM and leave. Take this time to type !motd and read our rules.” or it could be something simple like “RDM and leave. IF you leave, it doubles your slays.”

Do not say something cheeky like “TRY AND LEAVE THIS ASSHOLE LOL” and do not over slay.



  1. T killing as a T. This is when you are a T and you kill a T buddy, either accidentally or on purpose.

Be extra careful when Jihading because if you kill a fellow T, you are ruining the game for someone else and seriously hurting your teams chances of winning. This does NOT apply to C4 though. If you die to a fellow T’s C4, it’s your own fault because you can see the C4 on the map if you are paying attention.


1 TKAAT= 1-2 slays (depending on intention. An accidental Jihad kill errs towards one slay while a shotgun to the head in the T-room errs towards 2)

2+ TKAAT= 1-2 slays per teammate you killed or banned from 1 day to perma (depending on the intentions of the TKAATer.)


  1. Micspamming: These are things that will get you gagged.

The threshold for gagging will get lower as the server gets more full. If there’s 25 people trying to convey important information and you’re yodeling on the mic, you’re going to get gagged real fast. The purpose of these rules is that people both giving and getting the important information have no frustration with the communication aspect of the game. When you’re about to die and no one can hear your KOS because someone is singing the Adams Family theme, it sucks. You’re much less likely to get gagged in graveyard chat because it’s not disrupting the game, but you’re not immune.

So, in order of what is most likely to get you gagged to least:


-Obnoxious noise making for the purpose of mic spamming

-Singing. Even in graveyard chat. Don’t sing.

-Screaming/yelling. If you’re excited because someone is currently gunning you down, no one will hear your KOS if you’re screaming into your mic and they’re going to be annoyed at you for it. Trust me. It’s better for everyone to act like a police dispatcher and calmly call the KOS. People will hear the words, and that’s the important part.

-Metagaming: Using things outside the construction of the game to play it.This includes “Spell innocent backwards” but also applies to “I will give you 1000 points if you kill him”

-Harassment. If you’re harassing other users and they’re feeling bullied, I’m going to shut you up. Take that shit somewhere else. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE DISRESPECTING STAFF. If you wanna shit talk the staff, go for it. We’re mature, we can take it. Silencing people is a crutch for not having a good argument and I hate seeing it on other servers. However, if you are asking questions the staff has already addressed and continue to bring up the same points about why you shouldn’t have been slain, it’s mic spam at that point and it will be gagged.

-Trolling. Saying things to deliberately get a reaction out of other people such as acting like you can’t understand the person, making fun of their voice, or spoiling a book/movie/TV show they’re talking about. The threshold for this one is pretty high, though. You have to do quite a bit of trolling in order to get gagged. Most staff won’t even gag for this at all.

-And finally: When the server is particularly full and there’s a lot of important information that needs to be said, someone might say something to the effect of “on topic conversation only”, at which point you will be gagged for saying anything off topic to the game because the airspace just can’t handle it.


1st offense: an immediate gag and a warning followed by an immediate ungag.

2nd offense: an immediate gag for the rest of the round. Reiteration of the rules. ungag’d at the “Innocents win!” or “Traitors win!” screen.

3rd+ offense: an immediate gag for the rest of the round OR an immediate gag for the rest of the map (depending on the intention of the micspammer. If you’re truly in it to mic spam, you’re gonna get gagged longer. If Buster just can’t keep his excitement contained about his KOS’s, it’s not really malicious intent.)


*Also note: If you’re a chronic micspammer, with many gaggings over several different days, the threshold for gagging you goes way down and your punishments will start at the 2nd offense instead of the first.


*If you continue to harass the admins in chat instead of the mic you will get muted for the duration of your gag.

If you then continue to harass the admins in the adminchat, you will get kicked.

If you then come back and continue to harass the admins, you will get a short ban, usually about 15 minutes to an hour.


  1. Ghosting: Saying ANYTHING to your friend on skype/steamchat/admin chat about the game or your intentions that they didn’t previously know. THIS INCLUDES “hey revive me.”

Punishments for ghosting varies from 1 slay to a perma ban depending on the intention of the ghoster. If some noob says “hey my friend said to revive him pls” on the open mic, they obviously don’t know that’s not allowed, and instead of throwing the B&ook at them, explain it’s ghosting and to not do it again.

If, however, two people are clearly working together no matter their alignment or one happens to know who the T is when the other is a dead T, perma ban them. Slays won’t do anything. If they’re ghosting in this server, they will do it again forever, so to keep cheaters off this server, perma ban them. Ask them questions though to figure out their intent. If they outright lie to you, perma ban them. If they tell the truth but talk like they didn’t know they were breaking the rules, explain the rules they broke and slay for a round instead.

TELLING THINGS TO ADMINS WHEN YOU’RE DEAD THAT THEY DIDN’T KNOW IS GHOSTING, ESPECIALLY “hey revive me” but also includes things like “did you hear my KOS before I died?” ANYTHING that applies to the game that could change the outcome of it is ghosting. When you’re dead, your influence on the game dies with you.(*does not apply to prop possessing. Go wild ya watermelon. no “seances” though. Nothing like “jump twice if Ferg is a traitor” stuff. Seance ghosting is ghosting, but is only punishable by 1 slay to both the prop and the living person asking the question for “Seance Ghosting”).


* Dying and getting revived: It’s okay to KOS people based off of things you saw while you were dead.

-If you died and are revived as an inno, you can only KOS with the logs on the person(s) who killed you, not other things like “[traitor] bought a knife”

-you can not use the logs to KOS anyone else. That would be RDM. Even cheeky shit like “I know this person is a T, but I can’t say why”

-You can not use the logs to prove anyone, or some cheeky shit like “I know this person is proven, but I can’t say why”

-You can still KOS people based on things you saw while you were dead like going in the T-room, murdering someone, having a knife/AK, etc.


  1. Delaying/Camping: This is if you are a T (not an inno), and you are staying in one spot for too long.

The burden of moving the game along falls on the Ts because the time limit is in favor of the innos. Delaying can only happen if there is a delay. To clarify, if the traitors are Ferg, Nilz, and Rug, and Ferg and Nilz go out and kill everyone, but Rug sits in the T room the entire time, THAT’S FINE. As long as action is happening, you can camp as long as you want. The fewer Ts alive, the more the burden of action falls on them. If you’re the last T alive, you are absolutely delaying the game if you’re ever waiting for any reason. This includes “waiting for people to walk into my T-trap.” “waiting for health regen” and “waiting for people to walk outside so I can snipe them.” If however you are DOING things, even if they’re not directly finding people to kill, that’s fine. Things like “find a T-buddy to revive” or “finding more ammo or a better gun” or “getting into a good vantage point to snipe” are 100% not delaying.


Delay=Slay. It’s pretty simple. Also maybe a slay next round depending on the amount of time delayed. (The only time I can think of this happening is if the round ends because of time up and the admin just got on.)


  1. False Reporting: If you report someone for RDM or something that you clearly started or they clearly had a reason to kill you, and you do not forgive them after seeing their explanation you are wasting mod’s time and we will slay you for it. This also includes lying in reports. It wastes our time to fact check your bullshit.


1st offense: ignored. Maybe you’re not that good with the rules. We won’t even say anything.

2nd offense: Warning. Direction to this rule list. (Tell them to type “!motd”)

3rd offense: 1 slay per offense there after. *


*If we catch you lying in reports either reporting OR responding to a report, you may be fast tracked to your third offense.


**A note on reports: If you are frivolous, respond with insults/name calling, or otherwise don’t take/respond to a report on you seriously, here’s what we do: We check if the person reporting has ANY possible reason to report you and if they do, we give you the slay, and move on.


***Another note in the same vein: if someone reports you because you killed him and you had a legit reason PLEASE put some effort in explaining it when you have to respond to the report. Saves us a lot of work. And if you happen to shoot someone on accident, or make a mistakes, whatever. Be APOLOGETIC when you get reported, seriously, just apologize and 9 out of 10 times the reporting player will forgive you. A lot of people will confidently say ”oh I saw you shoot Blah, don’t t-bait” even when the person that got killed didn’t even shoot, guess what the reporting player does? He doesn’t forgive, but if the reported player had responded with ”Were you not the one shooting?? I was SO sure you were shooting dude, I’m so sorry, man.” he will most likely forgive you.


*****ANOTHER note on reports: If you were KOSed by person A, and person B simply follows the KOS and kills you, do NOT report person B, keep track of who KOSd you in the first place, and report that person (if the KOS was false).


  1. AFKing being Away From your Keyboard for the entire duration of the match.

If you are going to be AFK for a whole round, press f1 and check the “spectator only” box as a courtesy to the other players. If you’re AFK and you get a T or a D, you’re seriously hurting that sides chances of winning. The Auto-spectate thing doesn’t always work, so please do it yourself. If you’re only standing up for a bit and intend to be back in a couple of minutes, don’t sweat it. My general meter for “a player is AFK the whole round” is if they’re AFK all the way to overtime.


AFK=Moved to spectator-only (If the staff on is an admin. If not, you’re kicked)


*You will never be given autoslays for being AFK.

*When you come back, just press F1, scroll down, and uncheck the “spectator-only” box to get yourself back in the action.

*Killing AFKs as an inno is RDMing and will be slain. THIS INCLUDES 1 CROWBAR HIT “JUST FOR LOLS”*(see Overtime below)

*Pushing AFKs off a cliff is also RDM. Pushing afks into a mousetrap is also RDM.


  1. Porn Sprays. Pretty self explanatory.

I’m saying that boobs are okay until I hear back from Tim but absolutely no genitalia, whether it be anime, black and white “art”, animals, or whatever the hell else you freakin weirdos wanna share with the world. This also applies to gore or “shock images” and things that look like porn sprays but really aren’t. For instance, three pigs photographed and framed in such a way as to look like a man’s taint. It should be clear what is not allowed and if you have to ask, the answer is probably no. Kids frequent this server. Keep that in mind.


1st offense=A warning.*

2nd offense= A warning and a kick.

3rd offense= A short ban, usually 15 min to an hour.


*There are some things we will perma ban you instantly for on the first offense. Don’t try to figure out what they are.

*Anything “offensive” or racist is fine, just no porn (or gore).

*Applies to avatars.


  1. Cheating Death. When a T-trap should have killed you or you were only able to get to a place because of that 10K neato jetpack you bought.

This isn’t a punishment, per se, but it is something the mods will do to keep the jetpacks from being too imbalanced. There are only two instances this would occur right now, but if more maps add on where using your jetpack allows you to cheat death, this will apply to them too.


Doing these will get you slain (read: ignited) mid-round:

-Being in the really low area in rooftops.

-Surviving the T-trap in community bowling that drops you.

-Being on the ground in Metropolis or in any of the 4 huge pits in that construction building.


  1. Propkilling as a spectator. When you’re dead and you possess a prop and use that prop to kill someone with “fall damage.”

This does not include trapping someone with a table or a bench to cause their death indirectly by means of blocking their escape. This is DIRECTLY being the cause of someone’s death. When you die, your direct influence on the game dies with you.

There aren’t a lot of props that can kill like this, and I’m not going to list them here to give you ideas, but don’t do it.


-Doing this without an admin on will get you slain once, regardless of the number of people you killed.

-Doing this with an admin on will get you impaired by 50 health on your next round. The admin should also ignite you for a short time to destroy the prop to prevent you from doing so. If this ended the round, you get slain once.

-Doing this with a superadmin on will get you impaired by 50 health on your next round and the person you killed respawned and TPd to where they died immediately. If this ended the round, you get slain once instead.


  1. Trail Spamming. When you’re dead and you’re trail is still working and you use it to annoy the shit out of everyone or interrupt fights by moving around. This happens when a specific thing happens and I’m not going to tell you how to do it. STAFF WHO KNOW: DO NOT TELL PEOPLE HOW TO TRAIL SPAM.


1st offense: A warning and being told to stop. ANYone telling you to stop counts as your warning, not just staff.

2nd offense: A kick.

3rd offense If an admin or greater is on: Removal of your trail and 1 slay.

3rd offense without an admin on: 60 minute ban and your name added to the watchlist to remove your trail when an admin gets on. !watch (person) Remove his trail when he gets back”


bind something to “ulx ignite @ 1” to easily find who the trail spammer is. If you’re not an admin, just look for who has the trail at the start of the next round. Finding trail spammers is ezpz.


  1. Bug Exploitation. When you exploit a bug for your own gains. Pretty self explanatory.

Depending on the bug the punishment can range from anything from a gag and/or mute, a slay midround, or an autoslay.

But as a general meter, staff will punish you by doing the exact opposite that the bug exploitation will do for you. Do not talk in public chat about how an exploitation works or on this forum. ONLY use asay (@message while in game) to talk to the staff about how a bug works if you accidentally discover one or send ME a direct message by clicking on the little envelop in the top right of this page.


If it was accidental or 1st time= Nothing but a warning. If you try to talk about the bug, you will be gagged/muted.

2nd time= Punishment done the opposite of what the exploitation does. Example: If the exploitation clears you, you’re slain mid round instead.

3rd time= Kick mid-round with a last warning.

4th time= Day ban.

If we see you exploiting bugs after you’ve been banned for it ONCE, you’ll get week banned immediately or perma’d if we’re done putting up with you. (at the discretion of the staff online)


  1. Game Calls: When and why it’s okay to kill someone.

The main point of these rules is to stop RANDOM death matching for happening on the server which is why it’s really important to make clear when a death match is random or not, because an inno can kill an inno and be wrong but for the right reasons, and this should NOT be punishable so I’m going to give two lists, one of KOSable and one of Cause. Cause is essentially “evidence to point to you being a traitor” which is not the same as “actions that people can kill you for if they see you do them.” Confused? It’ll make sense later.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Some of these aren’t reasons that you SHOULD kos someone, such as someone is in the T-room after they have killed Ts and are proven, but they are reasons that you CAN kos someone. These rules are built around the fact that not everyone pays the most attention to the game. If someone misses the fact that you killed three Ts, but sees you in the T-room, they are still playing by the rules to KOS you. So when you see someone with a knife or kill someone in front of you, USE SOME CRITICAL THINKING DAMN IT. IT COULD BE THE SECRET KNIFE AND THEY COULD HAVE JUST KILLED A T. SEE IF THEY ID THE BODY FIRST FFS.


  1. KOSing: Kill on sight. This is what you say to indicate to the rest of the server that they should kill the person.

You have to have a reason to say this though(unless you are a T.). I will use this interchangeably with “kill” because killing a person and KOSing a person aren’t always the same thing (such as when they doorblock you and you’ve given them three warnings you can KILL them but the rest of the server has no reason to KOS them.)


1a) KOSable actions: (these obviously don’t apply to the Detective)

-Walking past an unID, Carrying an unID’d body. Also hanging a body.

-Wearing a disguise

-Having a T-weapon, EVEN if you got it from a dead T, EVEN if the detective gave it to you himself, EVEN if you announced in chat, made a billboard, took out an ad in Craigslist, and bought a skybanner, anyone can always kill you for having a T-weapon. My advice: If you have one and you’re innocent, Don’t take it out. Problem solved.

-Being in a T-room, EVEN if you killed three Ts while you were in there, if anyone sees you in the T-room they can KOS you (not that they should, but they can).

-Shooting the cameras on bowling

-Killing someone who was innocent. (Note: You can not KOS or kill someone for killing an innocent that YOU KOS’d)

-Killing someone who was a traitor but you haven’t ID’d the body yet. (As soon as you ID the body, you can not be KOS’d.)

(*A note on “misclicks.” They are no excuse. It doesn’t matter. If you misclick and shoot someone, they can kill you. Actions speak louder than words do in TTT.)

-Calling a KOS on someone who ended up being inno. Even if they were RDMing, even if you are “proven”, even if you didn’t directly kill them. Note: You can not KOS or kill someone for killing an innocent that YOU KOS’d. Other people can, though.

-Teleporting. any teleporting, whether it be by using a weapon_ttt_teleporter or by using a teleporter built into a T room or by using a teleporter built into a secret knife area. (Remember, just cause you CAN kos someone coming from a secret knife area doesn’t mean that you SHOULD.)

-Propkilling: Swinging a prop violently around at all.

-Propsurfing, but only when they’re IN THE ACT. (Further clarification: If you SEE someone prop surfing, you can call KOS on them, but if they’re in an area that they could have only gotten to BY propsurfing, you CAN NOT call KOS on them.)

-Destroying/Damaging health stations.

-Setting up a Depraved-Heart RDM (see above) trap. This includes setting up barrels at the bottom of the ladder in Community Pool, setting mines in whitehouse, or moving a rock to the bottom of the gun store trap door in 67th way but also extends to everything that is a “trap.”

-Being in the close vicinity of a decoy/T-bought-radio and not shooting it. If you see someone with a decoy or T-bought-radio you have to give them an opportunity to shoot it. If, however they are walking away from where a decoy or T-bought-radio is, THAT’s KOSable.

-Following: you have to give someone THREE warnings before you can kill them for following you. (by saying the whole sentence “Stop following me, this is your first/second/third warning” and waiting AT LEAST A FULL SECOND between each sentence.)

-Door blocking: You have to give someone THREE warnings before you can kill them for door blocking. (same as ↑)

-Moving a body the detective is trying to revive or get DNA off of after anyone has given THREE warnings to anyone to drop it (same as ↑). The detective can ALSO kill you after ONE warning if you move the body to an unreachable spot or hiding it after you’re warned to drop it.

-Refusing to get tested when asked by a detective (not inno) THREE times when you were in the vicinity of the T-Tester. (same as ↑). If you were in the vicinity when the first warning was given, you can be KOS’d, regardless of where you are when the third warning is given.

(“in the vicinity” defined as:

in ttt_pool; anywhere downstairs,

in ttt_67th way; anywhere downstairs,

in ttt_bowling; in the closer half of both of the hallways and anywhere near the testing room

in ttt_moon; anywhere outside of any of the buildings and anywhere inside the testing building.

in ttt_minecraft; anywhere on the level that the testing cabin is on. Starts as soon as you top the ladder)

Map specific KOSable actions:

*on 67th way:

-Destroying the T tester, even pre round. Just because you bought that T round and know you’re going to be a T doesn’t mean you can get away with destroying the tester. (you thought you were so clever.)

-Jailing someone. If the person learns your name, they can KOS you AFTER they have given you three warnings to let you out. (A note on this: If you SPAWN in the jail and it’s still preround, type “kill” in the console (press ~) to kill yourself and spawn somewhere else when the round starts)

-If someone KOS’s you preround, jokingly or for a valid reason (you were breaking bridges), you can kill them as soon as the round starts.

*on Minecraft:

-Hiding/throwing Diamond ores/Gold blocks into the ocean, even pre-round.

*on Whitehouse:

-Holding or placing the mines, even pre-round.

*on fg bowling map:

-Shooting the cameras

*on Rooftops:

-Destroying bridges, even pre-round.

-Carrying the charged Axe, even pre-round.

-*If someone is in the really low area that you can only get to with a jetpack, tell the mods (type @message). That’s slayable.


1b) Shooting: It’s had its own thread, so it gets its own section. Deal with it.

You can be KOS’d for shooting where it is not obvious that you are shooting harmlessly. If you are clearing explosive barrels/breaking a window/ shooting a plant and someone can see clearly that you are not shooting at a person they can not KOS you. IF they CAN NOT see the target you are shooting at, they are still free to draw the conclusion that you are shooting at a person, and can thus KOS you. (Unless you have killed and ID’d a T.)*

*The objective ruling for this will be if someone can see the start point and end point of your gunshot (they are not required to turn around and make you’re shooing a plant across the pool, they can kill you immediately) and there are literally all of these qualities to the shot, you can not be KOS’d:

-It’s obvious (to ruling staff watching the death scene from the killer’s point of view) that the shot was not aimed anywhere near another person.

-It’s obvious that the shot was not spam. You can still be KOS’d for firing a HUGE into the sky, because it could be used to mask gunfire/cause chaos as a T. However you can not be KOS’d for making wall doodles. That’s not what this rule is for. Doodle away, you mad man.

-It’s obvious that the person who shot the shot is not trying to lie about it and say that they didn’t in order to implicate someone else. Lying is always KOSable.

-It’s obvious that there is no chaos or commotion where even if all the above conditions are met, a spooked reasonable player would still kill you just because you shot. This includes things like

*Currently in a firefight

*Just killed a T

*Just got away from being sniped at

*Just saw someone die and are not quite sure how

*Heard a KOS on “that person shooting at me”

*This list isn’t comprehensive because it’s subjective, and the definition of “chaos” may differ from staff to staff.


2) Traitor baiting: Traitor baiting is a REALLY broad term meaning “trying to make other people think you’re a traitor when you’re not” in order to “bait” them into attacking you so you can RDM them and say they shot first. Most traitor baiting is KOSable by anyone but a lot of these actions require the person to be traitor baiting a specific person. Only the person that is being traitor baited can use this as a reason to kill the traitor baitor. In example: Dan runs at Ferg while crouched with an incend out to make it look like he’s about to knife Ferg. Ferg can kill Dan, but Nilz, standing near by, can NOT.

-Walking at someone with an explosive barrel.

-Shooting to make it look like you might be shooting at a person from a specific person’s point of view like shooting down a hallway you know they can’t see down even though no one’s there.

-Shooting behind someone, even harmlessly.

-Throwing a discombob on Rooftops or Dolls, Canyon, or any future map that has a falling hazard.

-Throwing an incendiary on any map.

-Saying “Stand still for a second”, “I’m a traitor, I confess”, “come here I have something to show you”, “Hey you’re the last inno” (see Last Living Inno below) or ANYTHING that even hints at you’re about to kill someone or are a traitor. It’s all Traitor baiting.

-Looking at where the button to open the T room is and obviously acting like you’re trying to open it. You can’t KOS someone just for looking at where it is.

-Crouching and running at someone with a grenade to make it look like a knife

-Crouching and facing the wall to obviously make it look like you’re planting C4. You can’t kill someone for crouching.


*if you Traitor bait at someone who then shoots at you and then use that shooting at you as cause to kill them, that’s RDMing because you started the encounter with a traitor bait.

*If you Traitor bait at someone who then kills you and then someone else kills that person because they killed you, that’s you RDMing because you gave that other person cause to kill you with a traitor bait.


3) Notable NON-KOSable actions:

-Aiming at someone’s head. The only way to see people’s names is to aim your weapon at them. It’s not KOSable

-“Looking at someone funny”

-Being AFK.

-Standing still. It doesn’t matter if it looks like they’re in their traitor shop. Standing still is not KOSable.

-Having Error signs. There are a lot of things that cause this, not just a Jihadbomb. Also you don’t get an advantage for not having all the graphics needed. You can’t kill someone till you hear the yelling and see the sparks.

-Being at low health

-Suspicion only (see Overtime below)

-proppushing on any map without a fall hazard.

-Being in an area that you could have only gotten to by propsurfing.

-Being in a room with a lot of ID’d dead bodies.*(see Cause below)

-Insulting people.

-Having the same gun as the murder weapon for that body you just found.*(see Cause below)

-Being on a roof/outside/ far away/behind the bookshelf when someone is sniped. you have to actually see a person shoot to KOS them.*(see Cause below)

-Running from C4 or “being in a place where C4 was just placed”*(see Cause below)

-When someone walks around carefree, not paranoid of anyone.

-When someone “stops moving for a second to buy from the T-menu.” Not moving is not KOSable.

-Carrying T bodies anywhere or checking them (for credits)

-Refusing to “spell innocent backwards”

-Being close to a trap being activated a la “I saw him look at the trap when it went off.” Doesn’t matter. Not KOSable.

-Running away from shootings instead of investigating them.

-“coincidentally” walking away right before a Jihad.

-You can not KOS or kill someone for killing an innocent that YOU KOS’d. Other people can though.

-Taking the DNA scanner off of a dead D, having it, or hiding it.


4) Being KOS’d: There is a tricky rule about being KOS’d as an inno. When you are KOS’d, you can kill anyone who makes their intention to kill you clear such as the person who initially calls KOS on you and EVERY PERSON WHO CONFIRMS IT.


Nilz (Traitor) says KOS Ferg (Innocent) and on the mic chat

Rug (Detective) says “Alright KOS Ferg. Got it.”

Ferg (innocent) walks into a room with Rug (Detective) and has the right to shoot Rug BEFORE Rug shoots Ferg even though they’re both on the same team.

Ferg (innocent) walks into a room with L. (innocent) who never acknowledged the KOS. L. can shoot Ferg because of the original KOS on him even though he never said he was going to shoot Ferg in chat.


*A note on detective killing: if you are an innocent the only two times you can kill a detective is

1) if they have made their intention to kill you clear by either KOSing you or shooting at you, or

2) the detective is obviously RDMing. and I mean REALLY obviously. The detective will often have cause to shoot someone first because the detective can get DNA, but if the detective is just killing everyone in sight, they’re RDMing.


5) Removing KOSs. When you are KOS’d and then become proven by either getting tested or killing the person who KOS’d you and IDing their body to see that they were a traitor It then becomes against the rules to follow that KOS on you. To clarify there are only 3 ways to “LEGALLY REMOVE” a KOS.

1) A DETECTIVE sees you get tested (or otherwise proven in any of the ways listed below in Proven) and SAYS “this person is proven” about you in either chat or on the mic.

2) The person who KOS’d you originally gets killed AND their body gets ID’d as a traitor.

3) The person who KOS’d you removes the KOS in either the chat or on the mic.


*The KOS on you gets removed 1 second after you ID the body of a traitor who KOS’d you. If anyone kills you as you ID the T, or instantly after it’s still legal. As a meter, If you have enough time to say “I killed him, he was a T, I’m proven”, then you remove the KOS.

*Killing a T and/or removing your own KOS always supersedes the “any shooting ever” reason for KOSing (under T baiting) rule: If you kill a T and ID the body, it then becomes the other innocents’ responsibility to look in the top right hand corner and see that you have removed your own KOS. This particular bullet point has more function outside of this specific rule though. You can’t be KOS’d for killing a T after you have ID’d the body.

*IDing other traitors’ bodies of people who didn’t KOS you does not legally remove a KOS unless the detective says “This person is proven” about you in either chat or on the mic.

*It’s still legal to KOS you afterwords if anyone sees you doing something KOSable or is a T, but until you are KOS’d again it is RDM if someone kills you.


  1. Proven: Being Proven means “This person is proven to be an innocent.”

It means just about nothing with regards to whether it’s legal to KOS you or not unless you are already KOSd and are using your being proven to remove it(see Removing KOSs directly above). Note: This does NOT prevent you from being KOS’d afterwords and you can NOT use the same becoming proven to “legally remove” a KOS someone calls on you later. Feel free to tell them you’re proven though. Someone might not believe you or just wasn’t paying attention. The rules are written so that anyone not paying enough attention is not punished for not paying attention. If you are proven, and later seen having a knife (the traitor-you-killed’s knife) anyone who sees you with that knife can still KOS you (again, not that they should). The only thing that being proven does with regards to who you can KOS is when you have proven everyone but one person, you can KOS the only unproven person. The ways to prove people include:

-Killing a T or being the first person to KOS a T

-Getting tested

-Dying and getting revived. (The detective can ONLY do this to prove someone if the inno AGREES to it.)

-Being attacked by a T.

-IDing a body that the detective later checks and gets credits off of. Only the IDer is proven, though.

*These are the only ways to PROVE that someone is not a T because if a T did any of these they’d either be cheating or RDMing.


However there are a LOT of clues to POINT to someone not being a T such as:

-They repeated a KOS on a person who ended up being a T. (Not the person to call out the T first, but repeated the KOS afterwords)

-They didn’t kill you when you had low health and they easily could have.

-They revived the detective

-They protected you against someone who shot first even though that person ended up being an inno.

-They made correct calls, correct “suspicions,” or otherwise told the truth (note that “suspecting” your T-buddy is NOT RDMing them so you are not “proven” for “suspecting” a T)

-They called the detective to a body with useful information on it.

-They’re keeping track of who is proven.

-They’re asking people if they’re still alive.

-They’re not shooting you back when you shoot at them because they know you’re proven/detective.

-They’re providing useful information to finding Ts. (“This person was killed by a shotgun and I saw Nilz with a shotgun”)

-They disarmed a C4

-They burned a T body with a flare gun

*Be careful though. A clever T can do every single one of these without breaking the rules and they will, too.


  1. Overtime: You can kill on suspicion.

The traitors get punished for taking too long. The traitors lose their element of surprise because when the time is up in Haste mode and you see “Overtime,” you can kill on suspicion. This essentially translates to “you can kill any non-detective for any reason,” including AFKs. however, BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ABILITY, Killing an inno as an inno is a REALLY BAD thing even if it isn’t punishable, you will be KOS’d immediately, and you are killing what precious allies you might have left towards the end of the round.


  1. Cause: Cause is essentially putting 1 and 1 together and piecing together that someone is a T logically.

This is collecting enough clues to prove someone is a T without ever actually SEEING them doing something that you could outright KOS them for. A lot of this isn’t extremely objective which makes it hard to moderate but a lot of things just follow common sense. These are NOT KOSABLE outright individually, but they are important clues to find and use in determining who the T is. When using Cause to KOS someone, think to yourself: “If someone listed all of these as a reason to kill me and I was an innocent, would I be mad or would I just feel unlucky” because if you’d be mad, then you’re probably using cause wrong (or have no sense of sportsmanship). Together if you collect enough evidence to suggest that a reasonable person would think that it is beyond coincidence that the person in question was implicated then you can kill based on that even if you didn’t ACTUALLY see an outright KOSable action. I’ll list as many common ones as come to mind but there are infinite examples.

-IDing a body, seeing how long the person has been dead and comparing that to how close someone walking the other way would have been at the time of death.

-Being in the company of KOS’d people or people who ended up being traitors.

-Not killing someone who is KOS’d.

-Only looking at the inno in a fight when the person who died ended up being a T.

-Hearing gunshots of the weapon that the person has, hearing someone die, and seeing a body being ID’d by them that ends up being inno.

-Seeing a person in a place that they could have ONLY teleported to get there that fast.

-Seeing a person come out of where a T room entrance is after seeing the room empty.

-Catching someone in a lie, whether it be about being falsely proven, or where they were at a certain time, what gun they have, etc.

-Proving everyone else until the only unprovens MUST be traitors mathematically.

-Calling a life check and the person doesn’t respond.

-A T is revived and shows up as red in the Tab menu.

-If you see a T is revived, and you see someone else with the revived T RIGHT after they are revived.

-Checking if someone is alive by asking them, not getting a response, and then KOSing the person that they just said they were with or looked suspicious.

-Getting DNA off of a corpse that leads to the killer.

-Seeing someone come out of a closet, go in there and find C4.

-Determining you are the last living inno*(see Last Living Inno below) and killing everyone you see on sight.

-Someone says something that they wouldn’t know unless they were a T like “It’s not overtime, we have 7 minutes left” (when it is, in fact, overtime) or “lol Rug is dead, can’t you see that?”

-Seeing that they were the last person that this dead person saw by being a D and checking a body.


*If you are reported by someone you killed using Cause, be sure to list the clues that led you to the conclusion that they were a T. There should always be more than 1.


*Moderators, please keep in mind that if someone follows the clues that circumstantially led to another inno, that person is not RDMing. For example, if Ferg (inno) comes into a room with 3 unID’d dead innos who have been dead for ~15 seconds and just saw Nilz (inno) walking from the spot, he has enough cause to KOS Nilz EVEN THOUGH the real killer, L. (traitor), had really just killed them and teleported away. Making mistakes is a huge part of TTT.


  1. Last Living Inno is a form of cause: A few things change towards the end of the game. Namely that you can KOS anyone you see if you think you (and your proven companions) are the innocents last hope. There are a few key pointers that you can use to make this claim such as:

-Pressing tab, you can mathematically prove that you are the only innocent left and everyone else must be a T

-The mic chat goes absolutely silent. No one will respond to you or your life checks.

-A group of people are coming towards you, obviously working together in overtime.

-Someone on the T’s side TELLS you you are the last living inno. Even if they lie to you, you can use this lie to KOS everyone you see.

-Someone on the T side says cheeky shit like “KOS ferg, I saw him kill someone” even though you’re the detective or it’s obvious you’re proven.


*Killing someone and saying “I thought I was the last one” as your excuse WITHOUT trying to find out if you’re the last one or not at all is RDM. “I thought I was the last one” Is not a Get-Out-Of-Slays-Free card. You have to be able to explain to the staff member reviewing your report how you logically came to that conclusion and they have to agree with you or you will be slain. Again, the rules are subjective here, but that doesn’t mean you can abuse them and it will be obvious to us if we see you try.


  1. Miscellaneous: Stuff that doesn’t really fit anywhere else.

-Keep in mind that you can press F1 to avoid being picked for Detective. This does not improve your chances of becoming traitor.

-The rules are enforced to the will of the rule, not the letter. If you’re trying to find a loophole here and you’re being an asshole to do so, you’re gonna get punished anyway. Don’t complain to the forums about it.

-The detective can kill and defib someone to prove him as an innocent ONLY if that innocent agrees to it.

-A nice way to keep track of who is KOSed and who is proven is by keeping your tab list updated, press tab and click on someone’s name, mark them as, friendly, suspect, or kill, and it’ll save to their name when you hover your mouse over them.


  1. Last Round Games: Sometimes during the rounds, but usually on the last round, an admin or mod will facilitate some good ole special rounds! These are usually voted on but are not required to be voted on. These rounds have special settings or rules but just because they’re special does not mean that you can RDM on them. The rules will still be in play for ANY special round that says “NO RDMing” in it. For any round that is specified to only RDM with a certain weapon, you will not be autoslain in next rounds for RDMing people for other weapons, but you may be stripped or slain in the middle of the round at the staff’s discretion. Please don’t do it. Don’t be that asshole who shotguns everyone in the face on the knife only round. Just don’t. I’ve also noted what level of staff needs to be online for the game to be playable. The ranks go in order S.I.T./T-Mod→Admin→Superadmin. I’ve also added staff notes in purple to help you set it up as staff if you wanna play some games.


Silent round- Everyone is gagged and muted. Match plays normally. NO RDMing. (Please note that the suit zoom binds still work and are encouraged! Don’t know what suit zoom is? bind it and press it and find out.)(S.I.T.s can gag everyone but not mute them, but T-Mods can gag AND mute.) !gag *, !mute *, afterwords: !ungag *, !unmute *


Purity round- Something wonderful happens. RDMing allowed. Good luck. (Admin needed) It’s a secret. Ask Ferg or Rug. [;)]


Raidboss round- Someone is voted on to be the Raidboss. They have three lives to kill everyone. If the raidboss is still alive at the end, THEY win ALONE. Everyone KOS’s the Raidboss no matter their team. The Raidboss MUST try to kill everyone they see. Even if T buddies. The round plays normally around it. NO RDMing. (Superadmin needed) Make sure everyone knows who the raidboss is, explain the rules clearly, and then !respawn whoever the raidboss is twice when they die.


Deathmatch round- You can kill anyone at any time you normally could. RDMing allowed but No obvious teamkilling: no T buddy killing if you’re a T, and no Detective killing if you’re an inno. (S.I.T./T-Mod needed) Just make sure everyone knows it’s a deathmatch round and ignore all reports for that round.


Knife round- Everyone gets a knife. RDMing…frowned upon. Because this round tends to be pretty chaotic, we won’t slay for RDMs here, but please don’t RDM. (Admin needed) !give * weapon_ttt_knife


Knife ONLY round- Everyone gets ONLY a knife. If you are seen firing a gun you will be SLAIN mid-round. Please note the difference between firing a gun and holding one. Everyone also gets full armor and half karma to deter gun shooters. Knives are still 1-hit-kill but everything else will take ages. RDMing…frowned upon. Because this round tends to be pretty chaotic, we won’t slay for RDMs here, but please don’t RDM.(Admin needed) !strip *, !give * weapon_ttt_knife, !armor * 255, !karma * 500 !slay (whoever fires a gun). To avoid some grief, !karma * 10000 after the round starts. the damage penalty will still apply and no one will be karma banned. The game checks karma at the start of rounds to give out damage penalties and checks karma at the end of rounds to give out bans. Anything you do in the post-game and pre-game phase won’t get anyone banned, but the instant the game ends, it’ll ban people with less than 400 karma.


Jihad round- Everyone gets a Jihad. RDMing allowed. Have a blast. (Admin needed) !give * weapon_ttt_jihadbomb (don’t forget the bomb in jihadbomb!)


Medic round- Everyone gets a defibrillator. NO RDMing. (Admin needed) !give * weapon_ttt_defib


The Expendables- The Staff are all Ts. Everyone vs the staff online. If you beat us you get points! NO RDMing. (Superadmin needed) At the start of the round, !god * and then open the ulx menu, go to the TTT Admin tab and click “force.” Then go down the list and force all the non staff to one side and then force all the staff to the other. Try to make it balanced so do things like give the lesser side at least one D or recruit a non staff to the staff side if there’s not a lot of staff on. If there are a lot of staff on, maybe make the staff the Ds and the rest of the server Ts. Once you’re done forcing everyone to the right team, maybe teleport the expendables to a “start point” on the map. Then give a short warning and !ungod *. Have fun!


Spy fight- Everyone is cloaked. Round proceeds normally. NO RDMing. (Superadmin needed) I dunno mate. I’m only admin. Probably !cloak * 100 or something.


Newton round- Everyone on the rooftops map is given a Newton Launcher! Everyone tries to kill each other with them! RDMing allowed. (Admin needed) !give * weapon_ttt_push


C4 roulette- Everyone is given C4s. Everyone is given ANOTHER C4 every 30 seconds or so. Have another blast. RDMing allowed. (Admin needed) Bind a key to “ulx give * weapon_ttt_c4” and press it every 30 seconds or so.


Underdog round- The last living inno OR the last living Traitor is announced, healed to full health, given a knife and a defib, teleported to a safe spot, and given 255 armor (the most armor. Translates to roughly 50% damage reduction. Does not stack with purchasable armor). Note: If the underdog kills all but one and now there is a SECOND last living person of a team, that person does not get the underdog treatment of the first one. There is only ever one underdog. NO RDMing. (Admin needed) Bind this command to something. I bound it to – so that’s the example I’ll use:

bind – “ulx unfreeze @;ulx armor @ 255;ulx hp @ 100;ulx give @ weapon_ttt_defib;ulx give @ weapon_ttt_knife”

When the last person on either side is living, type “!freeze *”, find the last guy, point your cursor at him, and press your underdog key. Then unfreeze everyone and root for the underdog.


Tank round- Everyone’s armor is set to 255. (50% damage reduction) Round proceeds normally. NO RDMing. (note knives are still a 1-hit kill. Beware.) (Admin needed) !Armor * 255


SWAT round- Everyone’s hp is set to 21 (just more than 1 crowbar. Named from the Halo 3 SWAT matches.) Please unequip all hp regen, buying a health station is not allowed. Round proceeds normally. NO RDMing. (Admin needed) !hp * 21


Snowy round- Everyone is blinded by 155. NO RDMing. (Superadmin needed) !blind * 155


Sympathizer round- When there is either 1 inno left OR 1 T left, someone from the other team joins them. Noone’s proven afterwords! Is the D still the D? Good luck! NO RDMing. (Superadmin needed) If you’re playing and you’re an inno, type “TTT_print_Traitors” in the console, mark all the Ts as Kill, and keep that information to yourself. When there is either 1 T left or 1 innocent left, !freeze * and choose someone to join the other side. Try to make it as balanced as possible when choosing someone to switch over. If the last person alive is hopeless, send the highest scoring regular to their side. If the last person is a badass, maybe send a feckless tagalong. If YOU are the last person or you are alive when the other team is the last person, still try and make as objective a decision as possible. Don’t just send yourself because it’s fun. Anyway once you’ve chosen your turncoat, type !sforce [person] traitor/detective and it will silently change that person’s role. You’ll have to unfreeze them first though. So here’s a quick list of what to do.

1) open console→ttt_print_traitors

2) Wait till there’s one person left on someone’s team

3) Immediately !freeze *

4) choose a turncoat

5) !unfreeze *

6) !sforce [turncoat] traitor/detective

7) Maybe @@@Some flavor text about “someone switched sides! good luck!”


Red Vs Blue round- Half the players are Ds, the other have are Ts. No one is an inno. NO RDMing. (Superadmin needed) At the very beginning of preround, !god *, so you have time to set it up. When the round starts open the ulx menu, go to TTT Admin, and Force half the people to be Ds, and the other half to be Ts. Try to keep the teams balanced! then !ungod * and glhf.


Necromancer round- One player starts as T or “the lone Necromancer”. Every person he DIRECTLY kills (shot or stabbed, not C4 or T traps) or had a large hand in killing DIRECTLY (they were finished off by another player after being shot/stabbed, they fell off a cliff after being shot/crowbarred) gets gagged,respawned, and moved to the traitors side as a “Zombie” for the necromancer. If the necromancer gets defibbed by a zombie after he dies, he is brought back as a zombie and can no longer bring people back from the grave. Keep in mind after the necromancer has died, everyone who can talk is proven! NO RDMing. (Superadmin needed) Alright this is far and away the hardest last round game to do. You have to do a LOT of typing, REALLY fast. Experienced superadmins recommended. Sufficiently warned? Alright. First things first, preround !god * and !prevwin so that you can set up the round as soon as the round “starts.” binds really help with this. Have a bind for “ulx god *” and “ulx prevwin” and “ulx allowwin” so that the game doesn’t accidentally end when you’re moving people to the right team or respawning zombies.

When the round starts: type ttt_print_traitors in console or have a bind for it ready and !force all the Ts to inno. commas help. You can “!force tox,ferg,rug,nilz innocent” and it will move all four of them to innocent. binds don’t really help here cause you have to move everyone. Don’t just !force * innocent because that moves detectives too. After they’re forced, !sforce a really good player. Usually the best regular on who hasn’t been a necromancer recently. If you’re not sure who, do a !vote “who wants to be necro?” in a previous round to get an idea of who would want to take on the server alone. After you have “!sforce necro traitor” making SURE to type the s in !sforce, @@@ to everyone that you will be removing god mode in 15 seconds and the round is about to start. Then locate your necromancer. Give a final warning to ungod and then !ungod *. and then IMMEDIATELY open the ulx menu, go to the settings tab, and turn OFF the echo. It’s about the 3rd on the list. Make sure it’s moved to “Do not echo admin commands” Then follow your necromancer. Whenever he gets a confirmed kill, !gag the person he killed, !respawntp them to a safe, alone, place (the !respawntp command brings the victim back where your cursor is looking) and !force him traitor. You won’t see an echo cause you turned it off but if you did anything wrong, you’ll get a warning that says “invalid command” or “invalid argument triator” because you misspelled traitor. If you did it right, you see nothing. If you get lost about who your necromancer killed cause you were busy respawning zombies, press F8 and scroll down to the latest action. Make sure you only respawn people who your necromancer had a direct hand in killing. When they die, @@@The necromancer is dead, but their zombies are alive if they got any zombies. Regardless, when your necromancer dies, run ulx allowwin so that the round can end normally. From here on out, it’s a normal round. If a zombie defibs your necromancer, gag him, as he is now a zombie too. Alright to recap the single hardest last round game to admin:


ulx god *

ulx prevwin

@@@This is a necro round, 1 person starts as T, everyone they kill turns to T.

Round starts:


!force personA,personB,personC innocent

!sforce necromancer traitor

@@@Round starting soon, ungodding all in 10 seconds

!ungod *

ulx menu


Admin echos→Do not echo admin commands

Watch your necromancer until he kills someone:

!gag victim

!respawntp victim (in a safe, out of the way place, usually in a traitor room.)

!force victim Traitor

If you get lost about who your necro killed, press f8 and read the damage logs.

When your necro dies:

@@@The necromancer is dead, but his zombies remain…

ulx allowwin

If your necro gets revived:

ulx gag necromancer

and from there on out it’s a normal round!

At the end of the round, !ungag * and turn the echo back on. GG!