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WP Fang MK I Handheld weapon AND WP Fang Mk II Package deal


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The WP Fang Mk I is a dream come true, it uses WP nuclear isomer batteries for ammunition.

It picks up blocks

It mines resources

It salvages rocks, plants, trees, and gives you the resources. The range in salvage mode is fantastic.

It fires a laser beam to kill

It fires a plasma cannon for difficult destruction…lol

It is an advanced detector

The WP Fang Mk II will fit on your SV or HV, it will mine, salvage, Advance detector and laser cannon.

This package deal consist of 1 WP Fang Mk I and 10 WP Fang Mk II weapons.

50000 WP Nuclear Isomer batteries

Folks, these thing just EAT asteroids for a snack!