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WolfPack DeathtagonV3CU BattleCarrier


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The DeathtagonV3CU from WolfPack

Deathtagon… Says it all!

This ship offers:

  • Its a whole lotta!
  • Lotta Hangar
  • Lotta Weapons
  • Lotta Thusters
  • Lotta garden
  • Lotta Whoopass!
  • Built in the spirit of WP front to back where it can be applied.
  • 7 Furnaces, 14 Advance Constructors.
  • WP Unobtanium Shield Generator, 4 Large Shield Capacitors, 4 Large Shield Chargers, 4 Shield Capacitor Arrays, 4 Shield Capacitor Banks, 4 Shield Charger Arrays, 4 Shield Charger Couplings!
  • 12 WP T3Generators and 3 WP Unobtanium Generators
  • 204 Turrets and 73 Space only turrets…. Heavy’s if available…..
  • 12 Advance laser cannons
  • 9 WP laser drills and 1 retractable Multi-tool turret.
  • 48 Unobtanium Thrusters!
  • WP Warp Drive, Medical and Transporter!

All WP-Cores and Unobtanium ship items have been placed by an admin. Any attempt at player removal results in loss of the item.

NOTE: Unobtanium Shields may NOT be used in PVP!