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WP Fang Class D V2CU


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The WP Fang is the second DREADNAUGHT Class Ship in the WolfPack lineup!

Comes equipped for light Asteroid mining duties with 6 WP Laser Drills.

12 Auto Harvesting Turrets

14 Advance Constructors

2 WP Furnaces

2 Deconstructors

6 Small Constructors

6 Legacy Disruptors

4 Swarm Launchers

2 Thermal Lances

4 Lightening Cannons

A Host of other Heavy Turrets and Modulated Turrets

WP Warp Drive

WP Teleporter

WP Core

WP Wireless

WP Unobtanium Shield Generator

8 WP Unobtanium Generators

112 Unobtanium CV Thrusters.

Special Thanks to Leviathan Joker for build assist