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WolfPack SaintV3CU


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The SaintV3CU from WolfPack


This ship offers:

  • Described in 1 word= OVERPOWERED
  • NO LANDING GEAR! This ship is not meant to ever land. Entry through Teleporter, Back landing pad or Hangar doors only.
  • The front half the ship is SOLID blocks with a few decoy generators seeded throughout.
  • 276 Turrets
  • 67 Space only Turrets
  • 7 Torpedo Launcher
  • 1 LX-2 Prototype Light Railgun
  • WP throughout where applicable
  • 4 Unobtanium 5 mw Generators
  • 156 Unobtanium Thrusters
  • WP Unobtanium 350,000 HP Shield Generator
  • 4 Large Shield Capacitors
  • 4 Large Shield Chargers
  • 4 Shield Charger Banks
  • 4 Shield Charger Couplings
  • WP Core, “never needs fuel after initial fill-up.

All WP-Cores and Unobtanium ship items have been placed by an admin. Any attempt at player removal results in loss of the item.