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WolfPack SwitchBladeV2CU


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The SwitchBladeV2CU from WolfPack

The SwitchBladeV2CU is a Combat oriented CV, primarily a shield fighter just back off if your shields start getting low.

This ship offers:

  • WP Throughout where applicable!
  • 2 Advanced Constructors
  • 2 Deconstructors
  • WP-Core
  • WP-Unobtanium Shield Generator, 4 Large Shield Capacitors, 4 Shield Capacitor Banks, 4 Large Shield Chargers, 4 Charger Couplings, 1 Shield Charger Array!
  • 2 Unobtanium CV Generators and 6 WP T3 Generators
  • 45 Turrets
  • 16 Space Only Turrets
  • 4 MX-4 Rapid Torpedo Launchers
  • 12 Positron Beam Cannons
  • 1 LX-2 Prototype Light Railgun
  • Individual off signals for the different weapons groups.

All WP-Cores and Unobtanium ship items have been placed by an admin. Any attempt at player removal results in loss of the item.

NOTE: Unobtanium Shields may NOT be used in PVP!