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WolfPack Zephyr 5G Mining System V1CU


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The Zephyr 5G Mining System from WolfPack

This ship offers:

  • 16 WP Laser drills
  • 5 Industrial Multitools
  • 3 unobtanium generators SV
  • 83 Turrets
  • Unobtanium Thrusters
  • Unobtanium Shield Generator SV
  • WP core. Only add fuel 1 time.
  • 6 WP Furnaces
  • 4 Advance Constructors
  • 1 Deconstructor
  • The power to mine anywhere in relative safety. Just watch your shields.

All WP-Cores and Unobtanium ship items have been placed by an admin. Any attempt at player removal results in loss of the item.

NOTE: Unobtanium Shields may NOT be used in PVP!