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Irradiated | 30 days


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Kit Resources:

  • Command: /kit i1
  • 3 day cooldown
  • Unlimited uses
  • Kit items

Kit Weapons:

  • Command: /kit i2
  • 7 day cooldown
  • Unlimited uses
  • Kit Items


  • Setting up to 10 homes
  • Bed respawn timer reduced to 60s
  • Player teleportation cooldown reduced by 70%
  • Home teleportation cooldown reduced by 70%
  • Skip queue when the server is full
  • chat tag in game


  • /roll irradiated
    Custom donator roll with items from the irradiated kit
  • /car
    Allows you to see the distance to all claimed vehicles and remove/install/switch vehicle panels
  • /stakes
    See how much stakes you’re authorized on and how much it cost to fill them all
  • /stakes fill
    Fill all authorized stakes with the amber in your inventory

Kit Resources

6000x Shaped iron
6000x Shaped Titranium
6000x Shaped Mondinium
6000x Shaped Ultranium
3000x Shaped Galvanite
6000x Stone
6000x Wood
6000x Clay
6000x Limestone
6000x Coal
6000x Tree Bark
6000x Concrete
3000x Leather
3000x Pelt (Artic)
1500x Strong Pelt
3000x Animal Tendon
3000x Animal Fat
1500x Claw
1500x Carapace
1500x Mandrill Hand
1500x Amber
3000x Avgas
3000x Gasoline
40x Item namer
20x Military Shard
40x Item Colorer
40x Bandage
1x C4
1x Detcap

Kit Weapons

1x AWM
1x AR15
1530x 308 Bullet
1530x 5.56mm Bullet