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VIP | 2 Weeks [2x Vanilla]


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  • Perks:

    • Skip Queue (Bypass the queue when the server is full)
    • SkinBox (Skin items with any available skin)
    • Furnace Splitter (Automatically splits resources in furnaces)
    • Sign Artist (Adds images to signs from URLs)
    • Quick Sort (Sort items from your inventory into storage containers with one click)
    • VIP tag in game chat
    • Change the color of your name in game chat


    • /sil [URL]
      Displays a image from a URL on to an in game sign
    • /skin
      Opens a inventory box you can drop an item into and change the skin (Only applies to skins the server has installed)
    • /qs
      Quick Sort options
    • /fs
      Furnace Splitter options
    • /color [#HEX]
      Changes the color of your name in game chat
    • /tag
      Hides/shows the [VIP] tag in game chat